Our panel is made up of policy makers with many years of experience in the technology field.

Demonstrating impartial judgement and based on carefully developed criteria for each category, they will examine each finalist with surgical precision.

Prepare yourself for their insightful verdicts that will separate the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Jurgita Šarkienė

Gytautas Kulakauskas

Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department

Tech-Park Kaunas

Gintarė Žilaitytė Kmitienė

Edmundas Šalna

Head of Health Innovation Development Center


Doc. dr. Leonas Balaševičius

Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation


Darius Milčius

Director of the Science and Innovation Department


CEO at Kirotech

Investment environment project manager

Kaunas IN

Tadas Sungaila


Samsung-branded stores in the Baltics