Every year Kaunas startups reach new heights of success and influence the world. They inspire a new generation, leave a lasting impression and raise standards for those who follow them.

The aim of the Kaunas Startup Awards is to honour the extraordinary achievements, breakthroughs and triumphs of startups.

Let's celebrate their achievements together on 6 December at Kaunas Romuva Cinema.

We have carefully selected different categories so that every Kaunas start-up can easily find its niche. There is also a special category for founders of or working with startups. Take a look and discover who you belong to, or show your support for others!

If you can't find the right category for you, contact info@techpark.lt - we're here to help!

Whether it's an investment or something that takes your breath away, this start-up has recently experienced something really BIG. And we want to celebrate this giant leap with them.

Every year, new ideas are born, quietly and imperceptibly at first. One sunny day, they appear out of thin air, overwhelm the ecosystem and make us marvel at their ambition and vision.

Whether you're saving people or saving the planet (even if you're saving it from people), this startup is making a big impact on a better, greener and healthier world.

The improved technological solution and the added value it generates are higher than the Lithuanian and global markets have seen so far.

Applications are open for the Kaunas Startup Awards.

Each member of the startup community can apply with their startup or nominate another startup / founder in several categories.

We will review the list of applicants and nominees and will contact you if we are missing information.

The finalists for each category are announced - 3 startups. Public voting begins. Vote for the most inspiring start-ups.

The winners will be announced at the "Kaunas Startup Awards 2023". Join us and celebrate the success of the startups. Register for the event here.





Are you ready to become the brightest star on the startup scene?